Who We Are

Who We Are

Essentials with Eden started on the day I was moving into Martin Hall in 2017. My roommate and I found the process of moving in to be very difficult. With her being from Dallas, TX, it was difficult for her to bring the essentials, especially the larger items.

We have a passion for allowing students to have a special four year college experience. Living in a dorm room can be the first fun step in that journey.

For me, having my dorm room feel like home was key to making my freshman year the best. I did not know anyone when I moved into Martin. Therefore, majority of my friendships were made sharing stories on my futon, and having countless movie nights with strangers that are now some of my best friends. 

This business started as an avenue to raise money for a mission trip. We were amazed at the number of people that needed our help on move-in day, so we started Essentials with Eden.   

Our goal is to make your transition to dorm life be as easy as possible. We DELIVER every item you purchase to your dorm on move-in day. 

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